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The great diffusion of flash lights on bicycles shows how they are really useful for safety on the street, but these are often bulky and are not designed to be kept in pocket and be useful even when get off the bicycle …

“So we created FLARE, the first true multifunctional flashlight designed to be useful on many occasions and daily events, both indoors and outdoors, powerful and versatile, but so compact that it can be used as a key ring.”

Light sources


A short press on the main button turns on a powerful WHITE light with adjustable intensity up to 100 Lumens (about twice the light that emits a smartphone flash). Can be adjustsed in intensity and modality (steady ON or flashing).


A longer pressure (1.5 s) on the main button turns on the RED flashing light. The beam is generated by two 1W LED chips. Their placement has been designed to be visible for hundreds of meters from all directions.

LASER (Opzion 1)

A LASER POINTER with a collimated red light visible for kilometers. Can be used for free time or at work for presentations. Power of 5mW (free use and possession).

GAME (Opzion 2)

A fun HEAD or TAILS type game. Pressing the secondary button a multicolored light runs and stops randomly on one of the two colors.f

UV LIGHT (Opzion 3)

A Ultraviolet UVA light with a power equivalent to 10 standard LEDs! Useful for testing banknotes, discovering fluorescent insects, or using it in black light party.



The shape of the device has been designed to minimize overall size and to be conveniently held in your hand or pocket. Although it contains a large rechargeable lithium polymer battery, its thickness is only 11 mm.


With only 16 grams, Flare is one of the lightest rechargeable multi-function mini flashlight. The rounded and slightly arched shape takes advantage of the principles of distribution of the forces typical of the arcs, making it very robust.


The device is impermeable to dust and splash water (IP64 level) thanks to a rubber membrane that internally seals the shell and a retractable plug on the USB connector.


The team

We are a team of professionals with proven experience in electronic engineering, computer engineering and industrial design with in common the passion for new devices and trending technologies that can really improve the life of all of us.

We strongly believe that “sharing the ideas” is the most powerful manner to understand the people’s needs and we aim to translate them into innovative and disruptive solutions to contribute to a better tomorrow.

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